Navigating the Complexities of International Business

Striving to deliver intelligent solutions to help you navigate the complexities
of doing business in an international environment

China Desk - Asia Link

Advice and technical support for facilitating investment in and out of China

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Doing Business in Cyprus

A fully comprehensive range of localised professional services for local and international companies

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Nominated Advisors

Access to public finance is not a privilege of the big corporations anymore


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International Tax Panel

A highly specialized team able to provide cross-border tax advice to local and multi-national clients

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International Network

An extensive network of independent accounting and consulting firms that span around the globe

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Licensing from regulatory authorities, administration and statutory compliance.

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Reanda’s global network was originally founded by its China member, a top-tier Chinese firm established in Beijing in 1993. This firm, Reanda China, was once an affiliate of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relation and Trade of China until its spin-off in 1998 due to governmental policy.

When the founders of Reanda China, who had worked and studied abroad, began conceptualising a name to use to market the company, they considered using each of their English initials. It has also been said that each founder selected letters of the alphabet, eventually resulting in the name REANDA.

The name was initially created in English and then translated into Chinese based on the pronunciation. The three characters comprised in the Chinese name of Reanda auspiciously refer to “Profit”, “Safe” and “Deliver”, respectively. Read More >


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