Friday, 24 February 2012 07:37

Update: HTT Audit Ltd is appointed as a correspondent firm of the first Asian Accounting Network

HTT Audit Ltd has been appointed as a correspondent firm of Reanda International ( ) since December 2011; the first Asian Accounting Network going global which effectively will add more value in our operations and enhance our network of associates.

HTT Audit Ltd is first European member of the Network, which is ranked among the top 20 Accounting Networks worldwide (see rankings below) by achieving an astonishing growth rate of 42% (based on aggregate fee income) in the last year despite the global economic crisis and financial instability.

“The Reanda International fee income, number of offices and partners has increased compared to 2010. Based on the aggregate fee income in 2011, Reanda International recorded a growth rate of 42%, following a combination of factors including the integration of the management consulting division of our Japan member firm into the network, the admission of two new member firms and the overall growth in other member firms. In addition to the above factors, the admission of three new branch offices by Reanda China also contributed to the growth in both the staff force and fee income. The offices of Reanda International's member firms were increased by 60 percent with the addition of 15 offices by the end of 2011. With annual turnover of USD87.3 million, Reanda International currently comprises 40 offices employing 96 partners and 2,066 staff.”

Currently the Network has members in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia.

Announcement for the relevant appointment can be found through the following link: