Nominated Advisor of Listed Companies in Emerging Companies Market of Cyprus Stock Exchange

Access to public finance is not a privilege of the big corporations anymore.

Reanda Cyprus is an approved nominated advisor (NOMAD) for any Companies that wish to be listed and traded within the Emerging Companies Market (ECM) of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE).

The ECM was launched in 2009 by CSE as an alternative of the Regulated Markets. ECM is specifically designed for Companies that are small or medium size and seek finance with easy access to a secondary market, investors looking for new investments, with awareness of the high risk of the market and finally for any Public Companies not able to undertake the higher resources required to remain in the Regulated Market.

ECM is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) and operates in accordance with the Regulative Decisions adopted by the CSE. Unlike the other trading platforms of CSE, companies listed in ECM are not regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and have simpler listing requirements and ongoing reporting obligations.

Our role as NOMAD is to advice the issuer in respect of its compliance with the rules and regulations of ECM both during the admission process and post admission period.

In more detail Reanda as NOMAD offers:

  • Evaluation and presentation of the issuer to the CSE ensuring that the listing requirements are fulfilled
  • Representation of the issuer through the listing procedure and drafting of any required admission documents
  • Monitoring and assisting the issuer according to the rules and regulations of ECM in fulfilling their obligations after the admission and,
  • Advising the issuer in respect of its obligations and takes any appropriate measures for the fulfilment of these obligations and any related procedures.

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