EU Citizenship by Investing

Our team at Reanda has extensive experience in dealing with all matters relating to immigration in Cyprus. This includes the provision of assistance in the compilation and submission of immigration applications for EU passports, any required visas, working permits and residence permits, to the relevant authorities (taking into account provisions of legislation and regulation).

We will help you eliminate the hassle of paperwork with all immigration authorities, so you can focus on your core business.

Recent changes to the immigration laws in Cyprus so as to further promote foreign investments into the island have also seen the Ministry of Interior simplify the entry of foreign nationals wanting to invest in Cyprus via two main programs relating to Cypriot citizenship or permanent residence.

The process of obtaining Cypriot passports through the Cyprus citizenship-by- exemption program, grants EU citizenship to the applicant upon successful completion.

Utilising Reanda’s expertise and wide network in Cyprus, we will strive to ensure that all your relevant immigration applications are processed seamlessly, and with a positive outcome.

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Cyprus relaxes the criteria for granting Immigration Permits in order to further promote foreign investments into the island - June 2013